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"Community of Light "
by Candee Basford
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“Storytelling as Inquiry” by Reason, P. (1988a) (ed.) Human Inquiry in Action. London: Sage

Excerpt from the chapter Storytelling as Inquiry

Explanation is the mode of classifying, conceptualizing, and building theories from experience. Here the inquirer stands back, analyzes, discovers and invents concepts, and relates these to a theoretical model….orthodox science is an exercise in explanation – endeavoring to answer the question of what and why.

Expression is the mode of allowing the meaning of an experience to become manifest. It requires us to partake deeply of an experience, rather than stand back to analyze. Meaning is part and parcel of all experience – although it may be so interwoven with experience that it is hidden. It needs to be discovered, created, or made manifest and communicated. We work with meaning when we tell stories, write and act in plays, write poems, meditate, create pictures…..


Art as Inquiry and Reflection

We Dance Together: A Painted Essay about My Education with Katie chronicles my education with my daughter in visual images.


Strategic Questioning for Personal and Social Change by Fran Peavey

“Questioning is a basic tool for rebellion. It breaks open the stagnant hardened shells of the present, opening up options to be explored.”

“Questioning reveals the profound uncertainty that is imbedded deep in all reality beyond the facades of confidence and sureness. It takes this uncertainty towards growth and new possibilities.”

“Questioning can change your entire life. It can uncover hidden power and stifled dreams inside of you... things you may have denied for many years.”

“Questioning can change institutions and entire cultures. It can empower people to create strategies for change.”

“Asking a question that leads to a strategy for action is a powerful contribution to resolving any problem.”

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