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The Practice

"Community of Light "
by Candee Basford
Copywrite 2005


A Community of Light

By Candee Basford

My own reflections as a member and facilitator of this action learning experience came in the form of an image created with watercolor and fabric. I call the watercolor and fabric image "A Community of Light.”

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What Happened to Me During Action Learning,
A Description of the Evolving Process and Some Thoughts Along the Way

By Mary Beth Pilewski Paul

What Action Learning is not is rigid, top-down (with a leader who teaches or preaches) or absolute. It fosters caring, listening, "wasting some time together", and even silence. It is not how to do things the right way, but rather "how can we think about this problem together?"

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It Takes a Village

By Kristan Payne

Each of us came to the first action learning meetings focused on our individual child's needs and our own concerns. As we shared our concerns, our knowledge and our experiences the questions no longer belonged to an individual parent. They belonged to all of us. A group of strangers, casual acquaintance and friends became a community, a village.

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The Long Walk Home

By Kailene Wells

When I think of all of the experiences that I have had I started to look at it as a journey with many avenues. It was a journey, often at times so frightening that the first step was often one not easily taken. I wrote this poem hoping to capture in words and share with others, the “indescribable journey”

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By  Kailene Wells

During one Action Learning meeting, we watched a few segments from a John McKnight video called Asset Based Community Development. The video touched my heart in so many ways. The next morning, I wrote the Isabelle story.

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As You Wish

By Mark and Jill Sestina

The first action learning group that we were in consisted of nine females and one male – me. This situation reminds me of a scene from the movie “The Princess Bride.” I felt like the grandson in the movie sick in bed and being visited by his grandfather who was about to read him the book “The Princess Bride.”

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Opening Our Hearts to Each Other

"Opening Our Hearts to Each Other "
by Candee Basford
Copywrite 2006

Sharing our deepest, most authentic questions and

reflections with each other is like opening our hearts.

copyright © 2005-2006